24001 Newhall Ranch Rd. Valencia, CA 91355

“Review by Charlene C. on Yelp.com”

My husband is a client at Salmassian Orthodontics and I have nothing but positive things to say about this office.

We were referred by my brother-in-law who is from the Santa Clarita area. We lived in the San Gabriel Valley and moved to the Inland Empire so the drive is 70 miles ONE way from our house to the office.

The office is located within the Bridgeport Marketplace in the same area as Marston’s restaurant. The office itself is beautiful as you can see from the photos. (wood floors, dark wood furniture, beautiful counters, large windows)

My husband needed braces as a kid and he started the process, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, he never got his braces. As an adult, he’s been to several dentists and their recommendations have been anywhere from breaking his jaw to align it, taking out most of his teeth to put bridges in instead. Seriously?? Other dentists have refused to pull out any of his teeth stating that they were healthly teeth. Quotes to fix his teeth have all been around $13,000+.

Things were looking hopeless until he came to Salmassian Orthodontics. They took one look at his mouth and were confident they could make his teeth straight. First thing was to get his gums healthy so he was referred to a periodontist who did deep scale cleaning and also had 4 teeth removed.

He’s had his braces on for almost a year now and I can see so much improvement! His bottom teeth are almost completely straight and the top are also shifting well!

We have Delta Dental PPO and the cost has been a lot lower than we were expecting.

The staff here is very friendly and even gave my husband a card and gift for his birthday. I come with my husband sometimes on his visits and the waiting room has comfy chairs, large flat screen TV, plenty of magazines and a Keurig coffee machine.

Charlene C.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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