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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Valencia and Santa Clarita CA

Wisdom Teeth Evaluation and Removal

At Bridgeport Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Ali Salmassian will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your wisdom teeth and determine the need for their removal. Bridgeport Aesthetic Dentistry is equipped with state of the art equipment including a panoramic unit and a CT scan (I-Cat unit) for selected cases where required.

As is the case with each patient, Dr. Salmassian will listen carefully to your complaints, questions and concerns, examine you fully, and customize your treatment plan. He will determine if in fact your wisdom teeth need to be removed or if retention of the teeth is more appropriate.

Typical Wisdom Tooth Treatment

At the initial visit, Dr. Salmassian will carefully listen to your concerns. He will compile a complete medical and dental history followed by a thorough physical oral and head and neck examination. This will be followed by detailed radiographic evaluation which is comprised of a panoramic radiograph and occasionally a 3-D image or I-Cat CT scan when required and as determined by the needs of the patient.

Once all of the information has been compiled and reviewed, Dr. Salmassian will explain the nature of your situation, review all associated risks and benefits and recommend the appropriate treatment specifically for you. All of your questions will be answered carefully and to your satisfaction in an unhurried manner.

An appropriate surgical date and time will then be arranged to accommodate your schedule. If required and desired, surgery may be possible on the same day.

On the day of surgery, your treatment will be reviewed again together with you, and all of your questions will be answered. Informed consent will be reviewed and signed and treatment will be completed in an unhurried, uninterrupted, comfortable and calm setting.

When done, you will remain in the office for a short time for observation and you will then be able to go home. If required, a car will be called on your behalf and you will be escorted to the car as required. A follow up will be pre-arranged for the week(s) following your surgery.